Castle Forest Lodge, Kimunye Kirinyaya district, Kimunye 00202, Nairobi, Kenya
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Kimunye Kirinyaya district, Kimunye 00202, Nairobi, Kenya
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Castle Forest Lodge is located deep in the thick forest on the slopes to the south of Mount Kenya. It is set in a natural surrounding of rainforest, fresh water rivers with falls on either side of the lodge, a fabulous view of the valley on the one, and the impressive peaks of Mount Kenya on the other side. The main house was built in 1910 of river stones and wood. It is being said that both Queen Elizabeth and President Jomo Kenyatta visited Castle Forest Lodge when they were students. A charming old building with a cosy dining and bar and a veranda overlooking the animal drinking pool and the valley below. Recently Castle Forest Lodge has been renovated to accommodate slightly over thirty guests. The main house contains three double rooms, restaurant, bar / reception and a veranda surrounding it. On the three and a half hectares you will find a bungalow outfitted for four persons and eight cottages furnished for two, each one of them appointed with a fire place and bathroom. The lodge provides the opportunity for travellers to camp. A conference room equipped for twenty people is available on request. When looking for a weekend break, Castle Forest Lodge is just two and a half hour drive from Nairobi off the Kutus-Kirinyaga road.

We can offer you the following accommodation at the Castle Forest Lodge. Cottages with fireplaces where a fire is lit for you at night; Bungalow with two double rooms, living room with fireplace, a private veranda and shower/toilet; and. Double/single/twin room at the main house. And finally unlimited camping space is available with use of clean hot showers and toilets. There is also one conference room for small meetings or gatherings.

We serve breakfast, lunch and dinner at set hours with a daily changing menu. Snacks are available throughout the day and so are drinks from our well stocked Bar.

The beautiful serene magic of the indigenous trees and the hidden presence of the animals of the forest alone give an atmosphere of peace and mystic, which helps the tired traveller or the stressed out business person to unwind. Furthermore one can go for a swim in the pool by the waterfall, go fishing for trout in one of the rivers, take a hot bath under the stars or simply hang around the veranda in a rocking chair. Castle Forest Lodge is your host to the forest and has therefore various leisure activities to offer:

Wildlife and birdlife. The Mount Kenya forest, with a total of 15 000 ha, hosts a lot of game, of which the biggest ones are elephants and buffaloes. At the moment the lodge is visited frequently by elephants. The buffaloes are still shy, but by making a watering hole and a salt lick we hope to attract more game life. Colobus and Blue Monkeys are always roaming around in the huge trees. There are also an amazing variety of birds. Eagles, hornbills and parrots are some of the bigger ones that have made the place their home and yell at the monkeys from the top of the trees.

The place for hiking. The hiking possibilities for day trips or short walks around the lodge are in fact unlimited. Guides and porters are available who have spent their whole live in the forest and can tell all about its mysteries. There is a route to the top of. which starts directly from the lodge. It is called the. and is not frequently used, which makes it even more of an adventure to approach the summit from this side. The kamweti route offers two different packages depending on time, one of five days and one of seven. Price per person per day: USD 60

Mount Kenya used to be for the native population a kind of Olympus. Mogai, father of the universe, created the mountain as a final resting-place for people, proving his power to perform miracles. He named it Kere Nyaga. Until the beginning of the 20th century Masai lived on the plateau between Mount Kenya and the Alberdares, where they worshipped, surrounded by rocks, Ngai, goddess of rain and good weather. They named the mountain Ol-Donyo-Eibor, which means white mountain. The Meru, who live in the north-eastern part of the mountain, believe humans came into being on the mountain. From the location the Samburu live the mountain looks like a big black rock; they call it Lorgenia, which means black stone. The current name of the mountain is derived from Kere-Nyaga, the name given by the Kikuyu to the mountain and the country. Later on this became Ke-e-nya-a, nowadays Kenya. Mount Kenya is the highest mountain of Kenya. With a height of 5199 meters it is the second highest mountain of Africa; only the Kilimanjaro in Tanzania is less than 700 meters higher. The base diameter of the mountain is about 120 kilometres. In the beginning the mountain was probably more than 6000 meters high. Powerful eroding by mainly ice has resulted in a number of peaks, U-shapes valleys and small mountain lakes. Mount Kenya was created by enormous volcanic eruptions about 3 million years ago. Many of the valleys contain rocks and stones indicating that during the ice-age there must have been enormous glaciers. About 150 000 years ago they started melting due to a changing climate. Since 1893, when they started to watch the mountain, seven glaciers have already been dissolved and only eleven remained. With the continuing increase of temperature due to the greenhouse effect it is expected that within 25 years all glaciers will be gone. The volcanic ground and the many rivers have created a fertile soil, especially at the southern and eastern side of the mountain, where most of the rain falls. Up to 1900 meters there are many agricultural areas as well as rain forest. Higher up the mountain you will find a marvellous, nearly impenetrable wilderness with many unique botanical species like gigantic camphor, climbers, fern, orchids and other beautiful species. At the northern and eastern side of the mountain the rain forest is less grown over, due to a dryer climate. On the southern and western slopes, the rain forest gradually changes into a bamboo forest with heights of up to 12 meters and next into woodland. Going closer to the top you will come across moorland with heath growing in tight groups with heights up to 4 meters. The following zone - up to approximately 4500 meters consists of more open moorland. The many small flowering plants and heath make it a colourful scenery. The higher you go, the lesser the vegetation. Above the snowline you will only find moss. Besides a beautiful flora the rainforest offers a large variety of animals. You can see elephants, buffaloes, diverse antelopes and monkeys. Also rhinos and lions live here but they are seldom seen. In the open woodland and moorland, you will mainly find antelopes like the diver, elk and zebra. Also leopards are seen even at height of 4500 meters. Interested in climbing Mount Kenya? Read more about the possibilities in

Mountain Kenya climbing. The highest mountain tops of the. Batain and Nelion - can only be climbed by experienced mountaineers and using the right gear. Point Lenana, the third highest summit, can be climbed by anybody provided you are in the right condition for climbing. Although the mountain top can be reached relatively easily, you should be prepared well, not only for varying weather conditions, like cold, snow and rain, but also for problems, like altitude sickness. Climbing Mount Kenya through the adventurous kamweti route starting from Castle Forest Lodge will lead you passing the dense rainforest, bamboo forest viewing the swamps and moorlands to meet up with other routes at McKinders camp for the final climb conquering point Lenana. On the average you will walk 5-6 hours per day. The guides will make a camp in the evening either in the bush or in the neighborhood of a cabin. The kamweti route offers two different packages depending on time, one of five days and one of seven. Price per person per day: USD 60
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