Forsthaus Auerhahn, Hinterlangenbach 108, Hinterlangenbach 72270, Baden Wuerttemberg, Germany
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Forsthaus Auerhahn 
Hinterlangenbach 108, Hinterlangenbach 72270, Baden Wuerttemberg, Germany
+49 7447 93400
General and in-room facilities and services available at Forsthaus Auerhahn
fully equipped common kitchen
summer garden
summer terrace/patio
fax services
tennis court
outdoor swimming pool
fitness center
jacuzzi tub
room for quiet games
pets are admitted
baby cots
playground for children
elevator on site
laundry/washing services
phone at the reception
garage places on site
quiet surroundings
credit/debit cards accepted
checks accepted
television set in room
telephone in room
internet connection in room
heating in room
ironing facilities in room
mini bar in room
safety deposit box in room
kitchenette in room
en-suite/private bathroom
hairdryer in room
Some excerpts from the website of Forsthaus Auerhahn that might be useful
HISTORY OF THE FORSTHAUS AUERHAHN. About the year 1760, when the Calwer-Hollander-Holzkompagnie (some lumberman) in the area of the Wildsee near the peak Hornisgrinde made a big tree-felling, some servants of them settled down at Diebelsbach, Volzenhaeuser, Zwickgabel, Leimis, Vorder, Mittel- and Hinterlangenbach. They stopped lumbering due to a four week long forest fire which destroyed 4000 ha forest from Schoenmuenzach till Roet in the murg valley. After a bad poverty the colonists afforested the ground with seeds. In this time, the court of the dukes of Wuerttemberg in Stuttgart and Ludwigsburg where very expensive. The dukes needed the money and supported the exploitation of the forests in the valley round the Murg from the Calwer Holzkompagnie. The colonists, which lived in simple wood cottons, where supported from the state with cheap land sellings. Thereby they built the first solid settlements in the year 1820. Also in the year 1821 the forest warden Alt-Mathaeus Zuefle built the Forsthaus Auerhahn with barnstables in the cellar and a small restaurant. At the end of his period of service he sold the Auerhahn to the Wuerttembergian Cameralamt at the 18.12.1856. Jung-Matthaeus Zuefle bought a lease of the Auerhahn. From 1821 till 1911 3 or 4 generations Zuefle where in the Auerhahn and their wifes where hosts of the Auerhahn. From 1911 till 1926 it was forest warden Albrecht with wife, from 1926-1962 forest warden Tritschler and from 1963 till 1997 forest warden Zepf with wife. The distance to the next villages Schwarzenberg in the east or Seebach in the west is 15 km each. In this villages was the next farms with horses and bullocks, which where used to move trunks and other transport services. It was an interest of the forest administration and the wagoners that they have a accommodation after a hard working day near the place the worked. Because of this the Forsthaus Auerhah was a necessity. Some individual hikers discovered the nice landscape as a holiday area and in the travel guide Baedeker from 1900 the Auerhahn was mentioned as a vacation and hiking place. The bullocks and hores as transport animals where replaced with lorrys and trucks after the second world war. The restaurant of the Auerhahn has got a new task from the forest administration. In the year 1933 the lumberman school of Hinterlangenbach was opened and it was a boarding school. The food supply of the learning lumberman and their teaches was made by the Auerhahn in the hard years after the war. The school, which has had a good reputation in Baden-Wuerttemberg, was closed in 1968. In 1973 the 20 year old southwestern state Baden-Wuerttemberg made a area reform. The northern black forest with countys Calw and Freudenstadt where moved from the local Government of Hohenzollern in Tubingen to the one from northern baden in Karlsruhe. The administration in Karlsruhe wanted to sell the Auerhahn as soon as possible and in 1982, after 126 years in state property, the 162 years old Auerhahn was sold to Dieter Zepf and his wife Katrin with the guest hous katrin. They has built the guesthouse in 1974 and developed the Auerhahn into a hotel. Martin and Ulrike Zepf are continuing this business since 2000. 1821 The Auerhahn was built by Old Matthaeus Zuefle as a forest warden house and a restaurant. 18.12.1856 The Auerhah was sold to the administration. Young Matthaeus Zuefle bought a lease. 1821-1911 3-4 generations of forest warden Zufle. 1911-1926 Forest warden Albrecht whith wife. 1926-1962 Forest warden Tritschler with wife. 1966 Installation of a small wimming pool 6x3 m. 1974 House Katrin was built as a guesthouse with a new swimming pool. 1982 The Auerhahn and the house katrin was sold by the administration to Dieter and Katrin Zepf. 1984 The Auerhahn was completely refurbished. 1988 House Harzwald was completely refurbished. 1990 Expansion and modernisation of the House Katrin with a new swimming area with an indoor pool and a whirlpool. 1991 Connection between House Katrin and Auerhahn. 1992/93 The sauna scene was built with different saunas, whirlpool, water-screw, soda-well and an outdoor recreation area. 1995/96 Increase of the Haus Katrin, installation of an escalator, increase and modernisation of the restaurant and rooms. 2001 Installation of the Beauty and Spa area. 2001 Takeover of the Seibelseckle. 2004 Installation of a Laconium in the sauna scene. 2006 Attachment of a big fitness room, our panorama silent rooms, the zirbel wood room with waterbeds and new rooms for ayurveda, softpack and hairdresser. Expansion of our terrace

When the hiking and skiing tours were long, when games and sports sapped Your energy, then an excellent dinner rounds off Your day. Our cookers under the head Frank Meier prioritize seasonal freshness, regional specialties, light and healthy food and inventive surprising. Our Old Lounge invites You to a hearty snack or just to a relaxed get-together. Here, You also can let the evening die away after the menue with Your favorite drink. After a relaxing and healthy sleep, be glad to enjoy our royal breakfast. Fresh-baked rolls, hearty cereals, fresh milk, sweets, and even a special bio-food area are waiting for You on our buffet. Enjoy a five courses dinner menue within your half-board, in which You are able to choose out of five different main courses. Festive menus, BBQs, and dessert buffets round off Your day in the Auerhahn.

And when you are not satisfied with 36C in the whirl pool welcome to our sauna scene. Inherent is the Finnish Sauna/Soft Sauna, the Laconium 50C, a steam bath, the outdoor area with an cold natural water fall, and another calm zone. A popular addition: The sun bed which manages your perfect and individual tan. A Laconium describes a dry sauna, the temperature is about 55C. After a short time period, the body gets so warmed up, that it gets detoxified through intensive sweating. The blood flow gets stimulated, the reduction of metabolism gets animated, and the body`s defenses gets mobilized. The sweating in the laconium helps you relieve stress. Your heart activity is animated and the blood pressure will be regulated. The result is a feeling of freshness and deep mental and physical relaxation. The length of stay depends on your physical comfort, the purging effect starts after 15 to 20 minutes.

Hiking, Nordic Walking, skiing or biking - be active during your holidays. WHERE THE VALLEY ENDS AND HOLIDAY BEGINS. Maybe you have to get used the very calm place. But your daily trips are getting more and more bigger. Go on foot, with bike or on skis. There are no borders. Nearby our hotel you find a game enclosure with 6-8 deers. Hinterlangenbach is ideal for starting hiking tours to the targets like the. the Wildsee and great views from the Schwarzwaldhochstrasse to the rein valley. During the winter you have the possibility to go downhill skiing on the Seibelseckle (. ). Ski rental service is available, too.

Vacation apartements. Weve made all to get our rooms livable, cosy and comfortable as possible for you. You have the choice: from our small single room Eule in the Forsthaus till our two-storied vacation flat Eichhoernchen in Haus Katrin. Every room has TV, phone, minibar, radio, haird dryer and safe. All rooms have balconies (Except Fuchs B) You can access the internet over our WLAN from every room (5,-- uniquely for one stay) you can download our complete price list as a pdf file

PARADISE FOR CHILDREN. Family friendly hotel. Hey Kids! Were looking forward to welcome you in our hotel! With an extra breakfast buffet for kids and a special kids menu for dinner including your favourite dish. For our small guests we support baby beds, babyphones, high chairs and more. Our youth room is equipped with billards, table soccer, dart and video games Our Kids-Cinema is very popular and starts at 19.30

THE WELLING AUERHAHN SWIMMING AREA. Water is life, health, and vitality. Here it has been elaborated to the most pleasant. For relax-programs you can space over the whole day, for letting Your body go limp after a Nordic-walking tour or a guided hiking tour. Or just to do regular and healthy exercise you van increase daily. Plunge in our indoor pool (28 C) with water effects or relax in the whirlpool (36C).

HIKING - WELLNESS - FEEL GOOD. Wellness: In the Auerhahn wellness-area our motto is: Water is life, health, and vitality. Here it has been elaborated to the most pleasant. For relax-programs you can space over the whole day, for letting Your body go limp after a Nordic-walking tour or a guided hiking tour, or just to relax in our Panorama Chill-Out Room or in the Calm Waterbed Room completely made of pleasant-smelling Black Forest wood. Wellness rarified to the most pleasant. In our Vital Oasis with a cosmetics and massage sections we offer Your body, Your skin, and Your soul recreation and relaxation according to the motto: Relinquishing Relaxing Outright Regaling. Grant yourself a special wellness experience during Your Auerhahn vacation. You are attended by our qualified workers Anke Fahrner, Iris Hils, and Barbara Krause.

Exclusive treatments. For hands and feet. Weve made a small Wellness refuge, where you can spoil your body and soul. You can relax and fill up your energy - let the everyday life behind you. Our Team expects you with a comprehensive offer for your wellness and health. Far away from work and stress you can relax here: in the beautyfarm or with a massage, just belong to yourself. With sophisticated Wellness - products from you can receive your individual beauty program, compatible to your skin and wishes. Our Offers include classic face treatments, special therapies like body and thalasso treatments. We also have manicure, depilation (wax) and decorative cosmetics

THE PARADISE FOR HIKERS. Maybe you have to get used the very calm place. But your daily trips are getting more and more bigger. Guided hiking tours are leading you to great targets: To the hornisgrinde, the highest peak of the northern black forest. We go to baden and the murg valley too. After every individual hike you will find a place to stop off. Our hotel bus brings you to nice starting points. Twice a week our hiking guide goes on tour with you, twice a week we bring you to unterstmatt or schliffkopf, where you can walk back to the hotel. To the seibelseckle we drive daily. To get a small overview you can have a look at the. We have also special. If you want to make a tour through the black forest we recommend the Red deer trail, which is offerd from the tourist info Freudenstadt, where you will stay one night in the Forsthaus Auerhahn. We give you daily hiking tipps and advices in our morning post. Rucksack and trekking sticks are available for free
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