100 Hubble, 100 Hubble Street, Fremantle, Perth 6158, Western Australia, Australia
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100 Hubble 
100 Hubble Street, Fremantle, Perth 6158, Western Australia, Australia
+61 8 93398080, +61 8 93199502
General and in-room facilities and services available at 100 Hubble
fully equipped common kitchen
summer garden
summer terrace/patio
fax services
laundry/washing services
luggage storage
phone at the reception
quiet surroundings
television set in room
tea and coffee making facilities
refrigerator in room
kitchenette in room
en-suite/private bathroom
Some excerpts from the website of 100 Hubble that might be useful
Interior image of the open plan bathroom showing the toiled, bath and basin. Lawn BBQ area located at the rear of the carriage. Wheelhouse kitchen with full facilities. Complete laundry facilities. This secluded retreat is thoughtfully furnished in an eclectic retro 50's style, renovated with every consideration of light and ease, pleasurable in every season. The facilities include: A 1950's jarrah railway carriage, which houses a cosy 30-foot-long bedroom. The roof is heavily insulated, catering for summer and winter. An electric oil column heater supplies additional warmth. Sleeps four comfortably. The 'white room' has one double bed and its own television facilities. (Can only be booked in addition to the train carriage, and is not available separately.). An old wheelhouse from a 1950's fishing boat, the kitchen is equipped with all new conveniences, refrigeration, microwave, toaster, kettle, crockery and cutlery. Bathroom includes shower, toilet and large cast iron claw-footed bath all housed under a clear perspex dome canopy for bathing under the stars in any weather. Complete privacy with separate street entrance, lock and key. TV, video, stereo and CD player are all supplied. All linen supplied, including towels, pillows, sheeting, blankets, tea towels. All beds have mosquito nets. Own phone, access to fax. Dutch bikes (2), mountain bikes (2) and helmets available for the guests. Secure and private, set in established and tended gardens. Next to bus stop (5 minute bus ride from Fremantle), 5 minute walk to the Swan River and terminal to Rottnest ferries. 15 minute walk to Indian Ocean. Around the corner from shops, drycleaners, amenities and some of Fremantle's most celebrated cafe's and winebars. showing 100 Hubble Accomodation's location, the harbour, river and city. BUSES: For assistance with travel between Fremantle and the Perth Airport, refer to the latest timetable for the. Fremantle Airport Shuttle Bus. (Note: the shuttle bus now has its own website. Link is now external to the www.100hubble.com website and we are no longer maintaining an online copy of the shuttle bus timetable.). Perth also has an extensive system that services the entire metropolitan area. FLYER: Click here to download a copy of our in PDF format to read and print off-line.

Open planned bathroom with 2nd shower, basin, toilet and bath. Entry into Wheelhouse kitchen. A view of the Railway carriage. Passage way to Guesthouse, with view of White room. 100 Hubble Guestbook. Please take the time to read through entries made in the 100 Hubble Accommodation guest book. These entries are taken from a cross section of people who have stayed there over the years. 'Parties' (ie. as in the 1 group up to 6 people at a time) have included couples on a romantic weekend, women or men on business trips, travelers, ex-pats, groups of friends, to families with children. August 2003 My wife and I stayed in a fascinating and memorable guest house for 3 days in September 2003 in Fremantle. We chose Fremantle rather than Perth for more of the origins of Western Australia resided here. An original design that an open mind will find magical. The main bedroom is in a converted railway carriage with the kitchen in a wheelhouse. There are two showers, one of which is in a red telephone booth! With a bathroom in the garden, a few surprises are a fully equipped kitchen, a lawn, BBQ, sun chairs and sun deck. Much more to discover yet we only had 3 days! If you are looking for the ultimate experience, a gracious and knowledgeable guest, and if this is not booked--STOP! This is IT!!!!!!! Dr. Ken E. Edwards III Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A. (The following text has been inserted into the Footprints Handbook, a travel guide available globally) A private oasis sheltered by high whitewashed walls, this charming guest house is utterly original and quite magical. Sleeps six, four in a cosy converted railway carriage. The kitchen fits into a wooden wheelhouse, shower in a red telephone box, bathroom in the garden. Also a lawn, BBQ, sun lounges, sun deck and lots of tranquil leafy corners for a snooze. Recommended. I wish you every success with 100 Hubble. Kind regards, Katrina O'Brien Travel writer, Thanks so much for the opportunity to share this place with you. We will leave (regretfully) with many fond memories of wonderful company, surroundings and ambiance. Many thanks. Many thanks also for all the help and for filling us with enthusiasm for the next stage of our travels. Best Wishes, David, Julie, Bec, Aron and Ange Kirk. Your hospitality and kindness certainly made for a comfortable stay in one of the most original and individual places I have stayed. I look forward to seeing what further developments you create in this wonderful environment. Frank O'Connor Moonee Ponds, Vic. Lucia, Ross, Janine and I enjoyed immensely our mission in your timeless and splendid microcosm. Every few steps, another cue to a different era and changing values excited our wonder. Its unlikely we shall ever again find ourselves in such a relaxing little urban catacomb of creature comforts and personal touches borrowed from lives of those who have passed by in your historic city. You Andrew, have created an artform that shall be emulated, but will never be copied as it is, if nothing else, peerless. The atmosphere is one which reflects your loving dedication to your great work. Unforgettable. Andrew Cohen Clontarf, N.S.W. Your place is one of the most memorable discoveries in Australia. After seeing your place it does not matter if I leave without visiting The Rock. I will be back again with friends. Thanks for your hospitality. English ex-pat working in Hong Kong. What a wonderful whimsical place. Truly enjoyed my all to brief visit to Perth - Fremantle area, and this experience was made even more delightful by your artistry and humor.

100 HUBBLE ACCOMMODATION is a twenty-minute walk, a 10-minute cycle or a 5-minute car trip from the centre of Fremantle. The accommodation is located at the rear of my residence. Over an eighteen year period I have been reconstructing both the internal and external workings of the cottage. This timber cottage has been transformed from a 2 bedroom 1920's workers abode into a brick, iron and timber working home studio. The accommodation also evolved over the last eighteen years. I originally purchased an old railway carrage to serve as a bedroom to live in to renovate the workers cottage. To add to the picture I also found an old red telephone box and a crayboat's wheelhouse which provided the basis of the accomodation to be. For the past ten years these facilities have served as accommodation for artists and friends. From mid 1998 till March 1999 I further developed the facilities into accommodation open to the public. Although I refer to it as accommodation, 100 Hubble is rented out to 1 person/ a couple/group of people, being only 1 party at a time. The accommodation includes a 1950's fully converted timber railway baggage carriage (a carriage positioned on the end of the train) as master bedroom; an old timber ship's wheel house converted a into a kitchen, a fabulous garden bath house with 1 of 2 showers, the other being in a red old telephone box. The whole structure is set in greenery, trees, giant tree ferns and shrubs. There is a sundeck above the wheelhouse and an outdoor plumbed in, gas barbecue kitchen fit-out. All elements together create a uniquely private, secure, safe, refreshing and tranquil environment. One Hundred Hubble Accommodation is located within the historical precinct, traditionally an old working class area, on the border of Fremantle and east Fremantle. It provides easy access to the Swan River, beaches, cafes and public transport. Situated 17 kms south of the city of Perth, and 1.5 kms from the centre of Fremantlethe area is fast developing a reputation for its heritage buildings, sense of community and diverse cultural background. Once you have entered One Hundred Hubble through the yellow and white striped door you notice a sense of privacy and calm that will remain with you throughout your stay. The entry passage extends some 50 metres with a noticeable Mediterranean feel. High white washed walls, potted plants and crazy paving, all combine to create a delightful serene vista that is timeless and welcoming. Off the entry passage is the 'white room'. This is physically part of the private residence and available to guests. This room can serve as an extra double bedroom or mutli-purpose room, eg. office. The front wall, including accommodation and home studio of 'One Hundred Hubble' is listed under cultural heritage listing in the local council (for its novel use of recycled material).

Detail of the lawn BBQ area. Grey water is filtered through an elaborate system underground. The street entry of 100 Hubble. Decorations on the wall are acquired objects. Northern lighting in the Railway carriage. Eco-Friendly Accommodation. 100 Hubble, an environmentally friendly accommodation, boasts the following eco-friendly modifications: Recycled building materials - Andrew is a self-confessed 'hard-core appropriator': all materials, from the structures to the tiles, are remodeled 'found objects'. Some of these objects include a cray fishing boat wheel house (now a kitchen), a 1950's phone box (now a shower), and a timber railway carriage (now the master bedroom). Organic Matter - All organic matter is composted with the aid of worm farms, and placed on the garden. Grey Water - With respect to conserving WA's water, all grey water (shower, kitchen, sink laundry water) is used to water the gardens and lawn. The grey water is distributed by an underground filtration system, rather than being spread over the surface, so there is no smell or residue. Cleaning Agents - Only environmentally friendly detergents and cleaners are used. Northern Lighting - Lighting is based on the Northern Lighting concept. This means that all structures have been built to accommodate natural lighting, allowing for warmth in winter and coolness in summer. Solar Water Heating - All the hot water supplied in the accommodation (showers, laundry, kitchen etc) is heated by a modern solar hot water system with a gas booster. Alternative Power - The one area that Andrew is currently working on is an alternative power source. The current options are solar power or wind power or both.
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