Mahina's Women's Guest House, 4433 Panihi Road, Kapaa 96746, Hawaii, USA
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Mahina's Women's Guest House 
4433 Panihi Road, Kapaa 96746, Hawaii, USA
+1 808 8239364
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Some excerpts from the website of Mahina's Women's Guest House that might be useful
M e e t Y o u r H o s t... Sharon Gonsalves escaped from corporate America to begin her magical life on Kauai in 1996. Originally from New York, she spent 11 years working in Boston's computer industry and started MAHINA'S Women's Guest House in 1997. Passionate about life, Sharon is involved in many activities: a percussionist and singer, she plays with a women's African Drumming ennsemble known as Love Tribe. She has studied hula and loves to dance. Sharon enjoys being out in nature and has hiked, camped, swum and snorkeled all over Kauai. Nancy Mills, author of the Spirited Woman Newsletter, interviewed Sharon in August of 2005. Here's what she had to say. SPIRITED WOMAN Q A Sharon Gonsalves Sometimes you meet people who touch your soul. Sharon Gonsalves was one of those people for me. I met Sharon when we were both attending the first Maui Goddess Week last year in December. As fate would have it (but there are no accidents), Sharon and I ended up booking adjoining rooms at this magical retreat center where only a few of the goddess week guests were staying. So what did we do? We had one of those long talks that went until 2 in the morning. I found out that she owned a really successful BB on Kauai, named the Mahina's Women's Guest House, where nearly 2,000 women travelers have stayed since it opened. That she was a self-taught entrepreneur, who worked really hard, that she had a painful background of abuse and incest, and that she was also a singer and a drummer in the Lost Pelican Band. I'm sure she found out many things about me - but I remember going on and on about my former boyfriend - and how I didn't want another relationship like that again - ever. In other words, we bonded. Probably, much like the women do at Mahina's. Before the night was out - we talked about our dreams and goals. I said wouldn't it be great if I could teach on Kauai one day, and Sharon talked about how she would like to do special workshops for women at her guest house. Well, dreams do come true. Less than one year later, we are doing just that. On October 22, I will be teaching a SPIRITED WOMAN Workshop at Sharon's place - Mahina's Women's Guest House - in Kapaa, Kauai. In honor of that, from October 15th through October 31st, Sharon (spirited woman that she is!) is offering special SPIRITED WOMAN rates. For any woman, who signs up for the workshop, the nightly room rate will be only $50 plus tax, and if you can't make the workshop - she is also offering other discounted rates. This is a fantastic opportunity for those of you looking for an affordable and soothing Hawaiian beachside vacation. Plus, both Sharon and I would love to have you come! So, without further ado, here's Sharon.. Q. Was there a turning point in your life that led you from Boston to Kauai? A. I decided to leave the stress of my job and spend the winter in Hawaii and just relax. After 3 months in Maui, I happened to come over to Kauai and found an opportunity here. I met a woman who was a friend of a friend from Boston, and friend of a friend from Maui and she was an organic gardener. I decided to become her business partner. We sold vegetables at the Farmers Market, but during the first six months, I could see that this business wasn't really going to sustain me here - because you work really hard to sell a head of lettuce for a dollar. Everybody around me had some kind of bed and breakfast or vacation rental or extra room they were renting out to visitors, and that was their supplementary income. Once I saw that, I thought it'd be cool to have a guest house for women - because there wasn't something like that on Kauai. And pretty soon an opportunity came for me to do that. Q. Your landlord helped you establish your BB. Tell us the story. A. I moved into what is now Mahina's with two roommates. At the time it was a three-bedroom house. After a couple of months they decided to move on. I still had several months left on my lease. I mean the house is right on the ocean - it's a great spot. So, I asked my landlady if I could rent the other bedrooms out to visitors and she said yes and I'll show you how to do that, because she owns other vacation rental properties on the island. I had never run a business before - I had no experience doing this. I am still here over eight years later, and I've had nearly 2,000 women guests from all over the world. And they love it. They come back. They tell their friends. I have lots of word on mouth on island and a very good reputation here. Q. Why did you decide to create a women's-only BB? A. When I first came to Kauai, I thought about staying at a women's guest house myself. I looked for an inexpensive place and went to the local hostel and the energy there was not good. I didn't want to stay in a place like that, and I didn't want other women to have to stay in a place like that either who were traveling on a budget. So I just went ahead and created an alternative to the local hostel with the knowledge that I had from traveling to women's guest houses in other places. Q. Why do many women enjoy staying at an all women's guest house? A. For the most part, they want to feel safe, especially if they are traveling alone and haven't had a lot of travel experience. Sometimes they just want to meet other travelers without feeling like they're being hit on. A large part of my clientele are heterosexual women, some of my clientele are lesbian couples who are looking for a women-only place where they know their relationship will be accepted, but a lot of times the straight women who come alone and stay here - their husbands feel better knowing that their wife is in a place with all women. Also, there's the camaraderie that happens in a women only place - it's unbelievable how close women will get not knowing each other - by chatting over breakfast, going off to the beach together or taking a hike. Q. Sharon, you're also a singer and drummer for the Lost Pelican Band - is music and performing a big part of your life? A. I have found that I love performing. It really energizes me. Before I moved to Kauai, I was really somebody who did not like to be seen. I've gone through many changes since I shifted my whole lifestyle. The first thing was a major spiritual awakening - I didn't have a spiritual life when I was living on the mainland. This happens to a lot of people when they come over here - it is not uncommon. Part of that has been to develop performance skills and to be less afraid and less concerned of being seen. I never would have run a business if I hadn't come here - it wouldn't have occurred to me to strike out on my own. The performance stuff kind of happened - a friend of mine needed a drummer for his band, and saw me drumming at a Sufi dance, and asked me to join the band. For six years, I've spent two days a week either in rehearsal or at a performance. I've developed skills as a musician and as a singer I've gained lots of confidence and started doing lead singing with the band and not hiding in the back. Q. For years, you've studied with a spiritual teacher. Tell us about that. A. My teacher's name is Gurumayi and the spiritual path is called Siddha Yoga - which is a chanting and meditation practice. When you asked me before what brought me to Kauai - spirit brought me to Kauai, so that I could run this guest house and hold space for women's healing. And that's what in my understanding I'm really doing here. It's the most incredible and amazing life I could ever have imagined - I could never have imagined - because I didn't know a life could be like this when I was doing a nine to five job and looking like everyone else in my car and my apartment and my corporate job. Q. Your life seems to be fueled by your passion(s). Were you freed by some important event in your life or family situation? A. Definitely. My spiritual awakening has freed me and I can tell you what I'm freed from is sexual abuse and incest in my family history. What is inspiring to...

MAHINA'S Women's Guest House on Kauai Sunrise Beach Walks Outside Your Door! Sunday June 15. 2008. Aloha and welcome to Mahina's, a very special Guest House for women travelers from around the world. Since 1997 nearly 2000 women from over 15 countries have slept here while enjoying the magic of Kaua'i. At Mahina's Guest House every week is women's week and every day is a celebration of the goddess that you are. Come join the fun! Filled with Aloha spirit and centrally located on the east side of Kauai, this clean and comfortable 4-bedroom beachhouse offers shared living dining areas, (the perfect place to plan your activities), shared bath and full kitchen along with classes and events. (See Upcoming Events for full details.). Catering to women's sensitivities, MAHINA'S provides a welcoming, friendly atmosphere for your Garden Island vacation. Exotic flowers, crystals and the use of Feng Shui principles add beauty balance to the environment. Our cozy and colorful bedrooms are named for powerful Hawaiian women (Pele, Hina, Laka Queen Emma) and invoke aspects of the goddess. Enjoy conversation over breakfast in our garden seating area, meet Simba (the neighbor's cat), then take a quick dip in the ocean before getting on with your day. We recycle as much as possible and compost for the garden. Allergens are kept to a minimum for your comfort, therefore, there are no pets and no smoking in the Guest House. If you're planning a workshop or retreat, MAHINA'S sleeps 5-8 comfortably and has hosted Goddess Workshops, Outward Bound groups and Board Meetings. We can assist you with planning your island activities and put you in touch with local businesses that can help make your event a success. While here, we invite you to join in our monthly New Moon Goddess Gatherings. Let the beauty magic of Kauai bring you closer to yourself and others at MAHINA'S. MAHINA'S Women's Guest House on Kauai 808-823-9364

There's lots to do year round on Kaua'i and since Mahina's Guest House is centrally located it's easy to get anywhere on the island. Here's a sampling of some of the most popular activities among my guests. A day at Auntie Angeline's Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Spa. A boat tour of the Napali Coast complete with snorkel stop and lunch. A tour of the Hindu Monastery including meditation in their temple housing one of the largest earthkeeper crystals available and a look at their new temple being carved on site out of granite. The monastery grounds are beautiful. All visitors are welcome. A luau - great entertainment and a sampling of authentic hawaiian food. Lazy days on several of Kaua'i's gorgeous beaches. Don't forget the sunscreen! A tarot reading or energy healing from Tess at Hands of the Goddess Day Spa. A yoga class at a the Bikram Yoga Studio hosting a full schedule and wide range of movement experiences. A hike along the Kalalau trail with spectacular scenery of the remote Napali Coast. A swim under a waterfall following a kayak trip up the Wailua River. A day in Waimea Canyon with hiking trails, a stop at the museum and plenty of photo ops of one of our most popular sites. Get to know the other guests over breakfast on our lanai or while watching the sunrise at our own little beach. Don't forget to check our upcoming events for new moon and full moon drum circles. Ask Sharon about other local events for concerts, talks, massage, yoga classes and other happenings around the island.
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