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Hotel Mustafa
Location: Afghanistan > Kabul > Kabul
Address: Kabul
Category: 3-Star Hotel
Phones: +93 70276021
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Internet Cafe Our very own Internet cafe is located on the bottom floor of the hotel. There are ten computer stations, ethernet connections throughout the lounge, and wireless connectivity to meet your every need. The cafe touts the very best burger in all of Kabul, with an assortment of other very delicious dishes that can't be found anywhere else. Enjoy your imported and freshly brewed espresso or cappuccino while surfing our high speed Internet. Italian Restaurant The restaurant located on the second floor, has foods imported from all over the world, and made fresh for you. View the menu below to get an idea of all the great foods that we offer with the convenience of being just a short walk from your room. Some of our Menu Items: Fettuccine Neapolitan Pepper Steak Fettuccine Alfredo T...
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