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Hotel Taktsang
Location: Bhutan > Thimphu > Thimphu
Address: Thimphu
Category: 3-Star Hotel
Phones: +9752322102, +9752323284
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At Taktsang, we take the initiative to know our customer's preferences; therefore we ensure that it is not only an experience you want to live but also an experience that you would want to take home. Located at the heart of Thimphu town, Hotel Taktsang prides in 16 luxurious rooms with 24 supply of both hot and cold water. Our restaurant and the bar with traditional embellishments exude warmth and care in the unique Bhutanese way. The restaurants serve Bhutanese, Indian and Continental cuisines. We anticipate a client's needs: a hair cutting saloon, Hall Mark gift shop, physiotherapy and body massage services, ISD/STD - all for you under one roof. We also share our ideas with our business consultancy services. Hotel Taktsang is recognized by the Department of Tourism and Government Agencies. Popular travel agents in the country have trusted us with their guests.
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