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Hotel Forsthaus Auerhahn
Location: Germany > Baden Wuerttemberg > Hinterlangenbach
Address: Hinterlangenbach 108
Category: 4-Star Hotel
Phones: +49744793400
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HISTORY OF THE FORSTHAUS AUERHAHN. About the year 1760, when the Calwer-Hollander-Holzkompagnie (some lumberman) in the area of the Wildsee near the peak Hornisgrinde made a big tree-felling, some servants of them settled down at Diebelsbach, Volzenhaeuser, Zwickgabel, Leimis, Vorder, Mittel- and Hinterlangenbach. They stopped lumbering due to a four week long forest fire which destroyed 4000 ha forest from Schoenmuenzach till Roet in the murg valley. After a bad poverty the colonists afforested the ground with seeds. In this time, the court of the dukes of Wuerttemberg in Stuttgart and Ludwigsburg where very expensive. The dukes needed the money and supported the exploitation of the forests in the valley round the Murg from the Calwer Holzkompagnie. The colonists, which lived in simple w...
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