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Bandos Island Resort
Location: Maldives > Male > Bandos
Address: Bandos Island Resort, Kaafu Atoll
Category: 4-Star Hotel
Phones: +960 440088, +960 443877
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Saturday, June 14, 2008 07:37 GMT +5:00. Bandos Island Resort Spa hosts WEC on the Road with Cultural Heritage - Blending Handicrafts and Tourism. Bandos Island Resorts Spa Celebrates Christmas 2007 in style! Bandos Islands Resort and Spa hosts the ninth dive medicine course. Bandos Island Resort Spa: The Island of Hospitality. The island of Bandos is a perfect setting for that romantic getaway or those two weeks of bliss away from work. The sense of calm and serenity the island emanates is truly otherworldly. The gentle lull of the sea, the whistling breeze, and the rustling of the palm fronds on the beach will help transcend us from the hurly-burly rigours of daily life. This aural feast, complimented by an all colourful visual one, where the turquoise of the lagoon, the lush green v...
Hotel Halaveli Holiday Village
Location: Maldives > Male > Male
Address: Ari Atoll
Category: 3-Star Hotel
Phones: +960 450559
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1. How will we get to Halaveli from the airport? If you have a confirmed reservation, you will be met on arrival at the airport and you will be informed of the arrangements for the trip to Halaveli. Our air transfer seaplane flight to the island will take off approximately within one hour of check-in at the seaplane counter, and the flight itself will be only 20 minutes. 2. What kind of air transport is provided locally? Locally there is a seaplane service to the resorts. These flights take off from the northern side of the airport, and you will need to take the free bus service provided to that part of the airport island. The seaplanes take off from the lagoon in the airport island and will land in the Halaveli lagoon. There you will be met by a boat or dhoani from Halaveli, which is a s...
White Sands Resort
Location: Maldives > Ari Atoll Dhekunu Gofi > Dhidhoofinolhu
Address: Ari Atoll
Category: 3-Star Hotel
Phones: +960 450513, +960 450512
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Fine dining can make all the difference to a holiday or hotel stay, and Naiade Resorts takes great pride in ensuring that their restaurants rival or even exceed the best. Since May 2006, Stephane Jean has been Naiade Resorts Corporate Chef. He is a highly original and creative chef, who works with his colleagues to produce a fusion cuisine that highlights the best of world gastronomy. The basis of his cuisine is resolutely French, but fused with touches of Indian spices and Asian cooking styles. Naiade Resorts main restaurants specialise in themed buffets, to bring guests the flavours of the various cultures that have influenced the Indian Ocean region. Indouchine at Beau Rivage is Naiade Resorts flagship restaurant. It shows superbly how French haute cuisine can integrate other flavours ...
Vakarufalhi Island Resort
Location: Maldives > Ari Atoll Dhekunu Gofi > Vakarufalhi
Address: H Sea Coast, Boduthakurufaanu Magu
Category: 4-Star Hotel
Phones: +960 322432
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Turtle Nest at Vakarufalhi 6-Mar-2007 On the beautiful moonlit evening of February 27, 2007 a Green Sea Turtle of around 1m chose Vakarufalhi beach as the hatching ground for her babies. She spent around 3 hours on the beach making the nest, laying the eggs and perfectly covering the nest before slowly swimming away. She has left her precious eggs in our care until they hatch cute baby turtles in around 45 days. 6-May-2007 62 days after the eggs were laid, the baby turtles were hatched around 22:30 hrs last night. It was a beautiful full moon night and the guest and staff participated in assisting the baby turtles to crawl to the sea. They were then picked up and released into the deep sea outside the house reef. The baby turtles which survive are expected to float very far on the ocean f...
Meeru Island Resort
Location: Maldives > Male > Meeru
Address: H Sea Coast, Boduthakurufaanu Magu
Category: 4-Star Hotel
Phones: +960 322432
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Male, MV 86F (30C) Mostly Cloudy. Welcome to crowntoursmaldives.com Crown Tours Maldives is one of the pioneers of modern tourism in the country, with deep roots planted firmly in the industry. It is well known amongst the major operators of Europe and others in the hospitality industry as a reliable hotel operator and business partner. 19-May-2008 - Resort in Kaashidhoo Lagoon re-tendered The Ministry of Tourism has retendered the development of Kaashidhuffaru in Male' Atoll. 18-May-2008 - Male' Hukuru Miskii to go on UNESCO's Heritage List The historical landmark Hukuru Miskii in Male' (Friday Mosque) will soon be included in UNESCO's list of world Heritage sites, the government has revealed. 17-Apr-2008 - Reclaimed island in Kaashidhoo lagoon will provide a 200 bed resort The Ministr...
Veligandu Island Resort
Location: Maldives > Ari Atoll Uthuru Gofi > Veligandu
Address: Veligandu Island
Category: 4-Star Hotel
Phones: +960 322432
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Excursions meeting place: Main reception area at least 10 minutes before departure time Cancellation no show policy: 24 hours advance notice is required, or guests will be charged in full Please note that excursions are subject to change without prior notice And subject to weather conditions. Weekly Excursion Program. Madivaru Island Picnic Kuramathi Island Resort Trip. Snorkeling Boat Trip Night Fishing - Hand Line Sunset Punch Cruise. Island Hopping (Rasdhoo, Kuramathi, Madivaru (snorkeling picnic lunch), and Madivaru Finolhu). Rasdhoo Trip - Local Village Night Fishing - Hand Line. Snorkeling Boat Trip Sunset Punch Cruise. Thoddhoo Trip - Local Village Night Fishing - Hand Line. Snorkeling Boat Trip Robinson Crusoe Trip (Madivaru Finolhu - Snorkeling). Dhoni Trawling with Hand Line...
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