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Manta Ray Bay Hotel and Yap Divers
Location: Micronesia > Yap > Colonia
Address: 1 Mantaray Avenue
Category: 5-Star Hotel
Phones: +691 3502300, +691 3504567
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Where is the hotel located? The hotel is on the waterfront in the heart of Colonia, Yap's main town. It is a short 10 minute ride from the airport and within walking distance of many shops, snack bars and the Continental Airlines reservations office. Is it close to the water? The hotel is on the waterfront, overlooking a picturesque bay. Guests are greeted with a spectacular morning sunrise and a glassy calm sea. Is there a beach? There is no beach at the hotel but Yap has secluded beaches. Transportation to the beaches, picnics and snorkeling opportunities are provided by the Manta Ray Bay Hotel. Is there a boat dock? Yes there is a boat dock on the hotel premises, within a few steps of the lobby and dive center. Is there a restaurant to the Hotel Our Manta Ray Restaurant is located on t...
Kosrae Village Ecolodge and Dive Resort
Location: Micronesia > Kusaie > Lelu
Address: P.O. Box 399, Lelu
Category: 3-Star Hotel
Phones: +691 3703483, +691 3705839
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One of Kosrae's crowning jewels is her stunning fringing reef. The abundance of marine life and pristine hard corals make this a prime destination for divers throughout the world. Many of our best have mild currents and are good for novice divers. However, to help keep our pristine corals healthy, you'll need to have good buoyancy skills. This coral reef is unique in that novice divers can enjoy an easy diving experience, while their more experienced dive buddy will marvel at the sea life. Dive Training Instruction. Equipment Information. Dive Boat Information. Diving with Sleeping Lady Divers for Mike's Under Water Photos to learn about our community efforts to help preserve our reef system. PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) has a new E Learning program for beginning...
Traders' Ridge Resort
Location: Micronesia > Yap > Colonia
Address: P.O. Box B, Colonia, Yap
Category: 3-Star Hotel
Phones: +691 3506000, +691 3504279
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Traders' Ridge Resort is a timeless example of the adaptive reuse of two historic buildings. The Hotel itself was originally a Seabee inn constructed after WWII. Nearby, a dilapidated former Japanese command post was recreated into the Veranda View Restaurant and Poolside Cafe and Bar. The Resort name was derived from the beautiful ridge top location while the architectural design reflects the style favored by the trader clipper ship captains of the 19 th century. The Hotel and Restaurant overlook a spectacular view of Chammorro Bay with the open ocean beyond, and the Poolside Cafe offers a casual command post perch in the old officer's quarters. Please join us in both locations for your favorite libation and a taste of world-class international cuisine and local Yapese delicacies. The en...
Hotel ESA Bay View
Location: Micronesia > Yap > Colonia
Address: P.O. Box 141
Category: 2-Star Hotel
Phones: +691 3502139, +691 3502310
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All Rooms include a mini-refrigerator, color TV with VCR, alarm clock, private bath with hot water, international direct dial phones and air conditioning. Each room also has a private balcony with table and chairs so guests can enjoy our tropical breezes while relaxing and enjoying the scenery. Our 25 rooms consist of 2 King, 9 Queen, 9 Twin, 1 Triple, 3 Handicap accessible and 1 Apartment. The apartment has two bedrooms and cooking facilities. Each bedroom has two twin beds. Car Room packages are available to Business, Government and Military travelers starting at US$110.00. All prices include applicable taxes and airport transfers are complementary. All room rates are based on the number of occupants per day. Single Occupancy - US$93.50. Double Occupancy - US$104.50. Triple Occupancy -...
Truk Blue Lagoon Resort
Location: Micronesia > Chuuk > Weno
Address: P.O. Box 340, Truk Lagoon, Weno
Category: 2-Star Hotel
Phones: +691 3302727, +691 3302439
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How do you get here? Continental Air Micronesia has direct flights from Guam or you can experience the Island Hopper from Hawaii - with stops on many of the islands along the way. We are only 7 degrees north of the equator and our climate is tropical. The trade winds provide cooling breezes and the rainy season gives us lush, tropical growth. The currency in Chuuk is the US dollar. Major credit cards and travelers checks are also widely accepted. You do not need a passport to travel through Micronesia but if you have one bring it with you. Otherwise you will need a picture ID such as a drivers license and also a birth certificate. Everyone speaks English but if you learn a few local phrases, you'll probably get a big smile in return! If you are planning on diving in Chuuk during your visi...
Truk Stop Hotel
Location: Micronesia > Chuuk > Weno
Address: P.O. Box 546, Truk Lagoon, Weno, Moen
Category: 3-Star Hotel
Phones: +691 3304232, +691 3302286
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Fine Dining with a View or Fun Times with Friends. The Truk Stop Hotel Restaurant, the Patio Bar and the new Hard Wreck Cafe and Bar offer Chuuk visitors a broad range of food and beverage choices to suit their mood. Come and enjoy the finest of Epicurean delights prepared by the skilled chefs of The Truk Stop Hotel Restaurant. Rated highest in satisfaction by world travelers to Micronesia, the restaurant offers a large selection of breakfast, lunch and dinner cuisine in air - conditioned comfort. Freshly caught seafood, juicy burgers, homemade pizza and top USDA choice sirloin steaks compete with Micronesian and Asian delights on the large menu. The Patio Bar is located outdoors with a fine view overlooking the water. Enjoy a pre-dinner cocktail while you savor the view as the sun sets o...
Kosrae Nautilus Resort
Location: Micronesia > Kusaie > Lelu
Address: P.O. Box 135, Lelu
Category: 3-Star Hotel
Phones: +691 3703567, +691 3703568
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General Information About Kosrae. Language Kosraean is the local language and the older citizens still speak Japanese, but most of the people also speak good English. Population Approximately 8,000. Climate The average day time temperature is 30 degrees celsius (86 degrees fahrenheit), and at night it only drops to 28 degrees celsius (82 degrees fahrenheit). Humidity is usually high, so air-conditioning is available in all of our guest rooms and restaurant, or you can enjoy outdoor dining with ceiling fans outside by the swimming pool. The trade winds blow between November and April with an average annual rainfall of approximately 200 inches in the mountains. There is no particular rainy season, but overnight rainfall of one to two inches is common. Shopping Several stores on the island o...
The Village Hotel
Location: Micronesia > Pohnpei > U Municipality
Address: P.O. Box 339, U Municipality
Category: 3-Star Hotel
Phones: +691 3202797, +691 3203797
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Continental jets fly to Pohnpei seven times a week, from either Honolulu or Guam. For flight availability, call Continental or your travel agent. (see Travel Agents). Because there are no seasons in Micronesia; it's summer all year round. Temperatures range from 75F to 90F (24C to 32C). The last quarter of the year has the least visitors but some of the best weather. Because tides are higher and there is less wind, kayaking through Nan Madol and the mangrove channels is easier in the last quarter. A dive certification is required. The trade winds begin in early December and continue until May. The tropical sun is very harsh on skin. This is especially true because Pohnpei is very near the equator. An SPF 15, or higher, is recommended. The currency in Micronesia the US dollar. There is onl...
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