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Hotel Takamaka Residence
Location: Seychelles > Mahe Island > Takamaka
Address: Anse Takamaka, Mahe
Category: 3-Star Hotel
Phones: +248 366049, +248 366303
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At Takamaka Residence we manage foreign languages courses for those students who wish to join a healthy holiday to an English or French courses, that are Seychelles; official languages. Lessons are kept for maximum 10 people groups, 4 hours a day except on Sundays and are taught by qualified mother tongue professors. Stay cost, HB, course included: 13 nights 1170 20 nights 1800 27 nights 2430. Flight cost is approximately 750 and it is subject to variations, depending on the period of the trip. Insurance, registration and transfer cost is 150. For groups composed by at least 10 people there are instruction;s external guided tours (once a week). There are double and triple rooms with bathroom, veranda and air conditioning. For groups composed by at least 20 people, flight and stay for...
Hotel Fregate Island Private
Location: Seychelles > Fregate Island > Fregate Island
Address: Fregate Island
Category: 5-Star Hotel
Phones: +248 282282, +248 282283
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The Castaway Club is for children between 5 to 12 years of age. The Castaway Clubhouse is the meeting place for Fregate Island's Castaway kids. Importantly, it is a platform to educate and teach the kids (and parents) about the environment and conservation of our natural heritage. This is a rustic structure above Fregate House, and it's from here that all the activities will be. The clubhouse offers games, videos, craft material, books and much more. During Christmas and Easter, we offer fun activities where children can make new friends, meet old friends, explore and enjoy the island in a safe and secure environment. A Castaway Activity will be available at this time to supervise activities. Babysitters are advisable for children under 5 years of age who wish to visit Castaway Kids Club...
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