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Hotel Grand Holiday Villa
Location: Sudan > Khartoum > Khartoum
Address: Nile Avenue, P.O.Box 316
Category: 5-Star Hotel
Phones: +24911774039, +24911773961
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The 24-hour Lagenda Restaurant is located in the main building of the hotel next to the lobby. It has a seating capacity of 174 persons and specializes in Malaysian and Asian cuisine, International ala carte menu, daily themed buffet dinner and International buffet lunch. The Terrace On The Nile Cafe. Located at the Grand Holiday Villa Khartoum's frontage, guests can afford to dine with a spectacular view of the River Nile. International class chefs prepare a variety of food specialties International, Malaysian and Middle Eastern cuisine in the accompaniment of local band music. Special BBQ buffet dinner is available every Thursday night. It has a seating capacity of 140 persons. Located in the main building, in front of the reception is the Lobby Lounge. With a seating capacity of 65 per...
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